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What Exactly is “Loan Forbearance?”

We receive questions from people asking about loan forbearance and what they should do if they are unable to make their mortgage payments.  It has become increasing more common as a result of the economic downturn from the pandemic. Here’s a simple explanation… Forbearance is a postponement of your payments, typically due to a financial…

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How Credit Repair Helps Property Managers and Renters

We talk a lot about people undergoing credit repair in order to boost their scores so they can buy a home.  Unfortunately, today’s market conditions have made it tough for some home buyers and many have decided to wait for a while before getting back into “home buying” mode. While this decision can understandably come…

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3 Times When Mediocre Credit Scores Will Hurt You

Very commonly, people with “mediocre” credit scores will not think that they need credit repair because their scores are still high enough to allow them to qualify for home loans, car loans, credit cards, and department store cards.   By “mediocre” we mean average scores in the range of 670-720.  These certainly are not “bad” scores,…

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What is FICO Resilience and Why is It Important?

In the past year, tens of millions of people have lost jobs and suffered financial hardships as a result of economic shutdowns during the pandemic. Concurrently, and not surprisingly, the credit scores of millions of Americans have also plummeted. In response to this volatility, creditors have developed a new method of predicting how likely a…

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