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During Inflation, Good Credit is Your Best Friend

  The Consumer Price Index indicates that consumer prices have increased 5.4% from July of 2020 to July of 2021.  This means that on average, you are paying 5.4% more for everyday items that you purchase, compared to this time last year. Some industries have been hit even harder, such as housing and automobiles, where…

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Did You Overpay for Your Last Car?

We’ve all seen the car commercials advertising those insanely low car financing rates like 0.9% or sometimes even 0%, but the fine print will tell you that very few people get those loans because not only does your credit need to be perfect, but you also have to be willing to finance your car for…

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Here’s How Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate

Often times, home buyers don’t really stop to think about how their credit scores could be impacting the rate they get on a mortgage loan.  And taking it to the next level, they rarely consider how that rate will truly affect the amount of money that “pours” out of their pocket for the next 5,…

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5 Ways That Average Credit Can Kill Your Financial Future

Consider this all-too-common situation… Perhaps you previously had good or even great credit, but the recent financial downturn caused a loss of income in your household, and this forced you to skip or be late on a credit card or two, a mortgage payment, or a car payment.  Maybe now you have recovered and caught…

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