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Credit Repair: It’s Not a Mystery, It’s a Process

Sometimes, when people hear about credit repair and the stellar results we tend to get, there is a “too good to be true” attitude – and we understand why.   The results we achieve sometimes to seem like they are too good to be true and therefore, the assumption is that we must be exaggerating, doing…

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Is Change Coming to the Credit Reporting Process?

As you might already know, there are three primary companies responsible for credit scoring: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. All three are private companies and their scoring methods, although very similar, do have some differences that result in a variance of scores between the three. Many in Congress are now calling for a complete overhaul of…

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Using Credit Wisely: Think Carefully Before You Buy

We are always telling our clients that they need to establish credit and then use it wisely and make timely payments in order to achieve and maintain high credit scores. It’s not wrong to use credit cards – in fact you MUST use credit cards if you want to have top tier credit.  However, there…

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