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4 Resolutions That Will Lead to Higher Credit Scores in 2022

Did you live 2021 with poor to average credit scores?   If so, those low scores will cost you more money in 2022 when it comes to things like credit card payments, major purchases (a car or home), and any other purchase that you decide to finance such as that new bedroom furniture you’ve been thinking…

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One of the Best Gifts You’ll Ever Give Your Child

  When we think of “gifts” this time of year, they usually come in the form of wrapped boxes underneath the Christmas tree and perhaps even delivered by jolly old St. Nick himself! But some gifts that parents give to children aren’t wrapped, can not be held, boxed, or placed under a pine tree.  They…

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Inflation, Interest Rates, Your Credit, and Your MONEY!

  It’s no secret to anyone that inflation has hit us hard in the last 10 months or so, and there doesn’t appear to be an end coming soon.  Some economists actually believe that it will continue well into 2022.  Again, that’s probably nothing that you don’t already know. But did you know that a…

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How Do Collections Affect My Credit Score?

  You may already know that if a bill goes unpaid for an extended period of time it is possible that the creditor may send the bill to a collections agency.   This will commonly happen once a bill is more than 180 days late and after the creditor/lender has made multiple attempts to collect on…

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How Long Does the Credit Repair Process Take?

The Credit Repair timeline can vary from person to person based on a number of factors, but one thing that doesn’t change is the process that must be followed in order to achieve results.  If you understand this process, it will give you some idea of how long it can take. Here are the steps…

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