What are the Timelines for Making a Credit Dispute?

When it comes to disputing derogatory items on your credit report, you might find it pleasantly surprising to know that time is truly on your side!

The reason why we are typically able to get great results for our clients is because when we challenge a negative credit item on behalf of one of our clients, the creditor has only 30 days to investigate the claim and then only 5 business days to provide you with the results of their investigation.

If they fail to meet these timelines, the negative credit item on the credit report must be removed.

Since most creditors are inundated with requests and understaffed to handle them, it is difficult for them to comply with the timelines and more often than not, this leads to the removal of the derogatory credit.

Bingo!  Negative credit goes away and credit scores go up!

Because we know the rules and the process, we get results.  Contact our office if you’d like to learn more.