Did You Know: Potential Employers Can Check Your Credit!

Did You Know: Potential Employers Can Check Your Credit!

Did you know that when you apply for a job, your potential employer can do a background check on you that includes a look at your credit?

They don’t actually see your credit scores, but they can see your credit history.

Why would an employer check your credit?

For a few reasons…

An applicant’s credit history can flag potential problems an employer would want to avoid:

  • Lots of late payments could indicate that an applicant is not very organized or responsible.
  • Negative credit items could mean that a person does not live up to their agreements.
  • Having excessive debt is a marker of financial distress, which may be viewed as an increased likelihood of theft or fraud.
  • Any evidence of mishandling your own finances could indicate a poor fit for a job that involves being responsible for company money or consumer information.

Jobs that require you to handle money or that give you access to sensitive company or client information will often run these types of checks prior to hiring.  A few examples might be banks, casinos, insurance companies, physicians, retail stores, restaurants, a job that requires a state license or a job that requires you to enter someone’s home.

Before you apply for that dream job (or any job that you really want to get) make sure your credit is in good shape.  In fact, if you are thinking of changing jobs or pursuing a new line of work in the near future that requires an interview process, the time is now to get those negative items removed from your credit report.  That’s exactly what we do!

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