5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores

When a credit report has multiple negative items on it, credit repair is typically the fastest and easiest way to bring those scores up.  However, if your credit is in good shape and you want to keep building good credit and increase your scores over time, here are a few good habits to form.

Review your credit report annually.   Watch for any mistakes or negative items that you were not aware of.  If you find errors, you can dispute them yourself or we can help you to do it.

Make payments on time.  This sounds WAY too simple, but it’s probably the best advice we can give.  Avoid late payments and you’ll see your credit scores go up.

Do not max out your credit cards.   You are better off to have 2-3 cards with smaller balances rather than one card that is maxed out.  A maxed out card is a red flag to the credit bureaus.

Have a diversification of credit.  You need a mix of different types of credit.  This means installment (cars, home mortgage, student loan) and revolving credit (credit cards, department store cards).  Having all or none of one type will bring your scores down.

Be careful about applying for new credit.  It seems like every store you walk into offers you a credit card in exchange for a discount on your purchase that day.  Having a few cards from stores that you shop at frequently is fine, and can be good for building credit.  However, accepting every offer for a card is definitely not a good idea.

Remember, negative credit items on your report will stay with you for seven years, and that’s why our program can be so valuable.  If you have recent derogatory items and need them removed in months rather than years, let’s talk!  More often than not, we can help.