4 Laws That Protect Consumers from Predatory Lenders and Creditors

4 Laws That Protect Consumers from Predatory Lenders and Creditors

Did you know that there are an arsenal of laws that protect consumers? Here is a partial list that we use to strategically dispute unethical, erroneous, untimely, and unverifiable information that could end up on your credit report.

1. The Equal Opportunity Act

Ensures all consumers are given an equal chance to obtain credit. Lenders cannot discriminate based on sex, race, marital status, religion, national origin, age or receipt of public assistance.

2. Fair Credit Billing Act

Applies to open-end credit accounts such as credit cards and lines of credit. Protects consumers from unfair billing practices and provides dispute settlement procedures for resolving billing errors and unauthorized charges.

3. Fair Credit Reporting Act

Regulates the collection, dissemination and use of consumer credit information. Designed to promote accuracy and ensure the privacy of the information in your credit report.

4. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Requires that debt collectors treat you fairly and prohibits unfair, deceptive and abusive debt collection practices.

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