30% of Your Credit Score Depends on THIS…

This is EXTREMELY important for anyone who is needing to increase their credit scores.

30% of your score depends on you have a minimum of 3-5 revolving lines of credit (credit cards).

Too often, we come across people who mistakenly think that they are doing the financially smart thing by not using credit cards at all.  They only use a debit card or maybe they just have one credit card that they use periodically.  Or, in some cases, people have never gotten into the habit of not using credit and don’t even own a credit card.

When someone has a lack of credit or no credit, their scores can actually be lower than if they had bad credit.  We know it sounds odd, but BAD credit is almost always more advantageous than NO credit.

We can help clients to set up secured lines of revolving credit if they have difficulty getting approved for unsecured credit cards.  Please contact our office if you need assistance.