In over a decade of service in the credit repair industry, we have deleted hundreds of thousands of derogatory items off of credit reports.  We delete items legally and PERMANENTLY from consumers reports.  Bankruptcies, late payments, reposessions and more!  And the best part...our clients have REAL TIME deletion updates emailed to them from our state of the art tracking system.  Our system has tracked every single one of our client's deletions for over a decade.  Several hundred thousand derogatory items deleted and still going!!!  DCR works with clients in all 50 states.  You are welcome to come by our office and view thousands of before-and-after credit reports!


**Please do your due diligence.  A legal credit repair organization MUST be registered with the Dept of Justice.  A Better Business Bureau Registration, Chamber of Commerce Membership or any "other" type of membership does not circumvent the NATIONAL requirement to be registered with the Dept of Justice.  A legal credit restoration company MUST be able to provide proof of this registry.***




Hundreds of thousands of deletions for over a decade!
Tracking EVERY single deletion for over a decade.  Hundreds of thousands and still going! Our state of the art tracking software gives clients "real time" updates on their progress in our program

We tackle FICO scores from every angle which is what makes our program fast and effective.   

credit repair Forward your Credit Report for a personlized analysis with one of our credit experts!

Many of our clients complete our program in as little as 90 days!  DCR takes an agressive and ethical approach to restoring one's over-all credit picture.  Don't Wait! 

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